Our Services

Your stage is our stage. Not Burnt Out Just Unscrewed offers creative and novel ways to entertain or advise your "troops." NBOJU has taught interested people how to perform, present, listen, entertain, and improvise. Not Burnt Out can help your staff find ways to relax in presentations through improvisational comedy training, and develop thinking "on the fly."

We offer:

Sales Training
How can your crew stop sounding like a bad recording? What do they need to sound sincere? How can they avoid confrontation while presenting? What to do when the unexpected occurs? Advice on eye contact, physicality, hand shaking, how to make people feel instantly at ease, etc.

Corporate Training and Workshops
Business, like life, is improvisational, and is often about building relationships and adjusting to change as fast as it happens. We can share some techniques that will help you do just that. Not Burnt Out Just Unscrewed has methods to achieve results by applying improvisational techniques in the work place. Our unforgettable workshops use humor as a learning tool, and are an enjoyable change of pace from traditional methods.

Creative Marketing Services
By tapping into the collective mind of a performing troupe, ideas unencumbered by the confines of "business as usual" will not only be entertaining, but memorable, too.

In short, we're part performance, part consultant, and part creative sounding board. We are something you might want, but nothing you'd expect.

Tailored Shows
Not Burnt Out Just Unscrewed puts a great deal of effort into tailoring a show specifically for your event or company. We will study terminology, perform scenes designed around your needs, and learn everything we need to know to give you the best performance possible. We spend weeks preparing for each show, and won't be satisfied unless you are!

Not Burnt Out Just Unscrewed has an office in Tucson, and we are available to discuss your particular needs. Contact us for more information. And if we don't have what you need, we just may tell you where to go (to get it!).