Our Cast of Players

Michael Pierce
Creative Director

Michael is a native Tucsonan and has been acting out in various way and venues since High School. He has studied and performed Improv since 2001 and has been a proud member of NBOJU since 2003. In his spare time he makes short films with fellow NBOJIAN's, watches way too many movies and TV shows and makes his living by counting to 21 over and over again.

Senior Members

Matt Beaudry

Actor, funny guy, Rock Star, the enigma that is Matt Beaudry. Born in Tucson, Matt has been acting since the age of twelve and hasn't looked back. Anything that involves being on stage Matt is into. You can catch him rockin' on the drums, doing improv, and entertaining all over town. So prepare yourselves for your daily dose of awesome!!!

Jon Benda

Jon is so old that he remembers, sometimes, other times not so much. He enjoys getting out of chairs all by himself and movies. He has a love of all sorts of theatre, improv being his favorite. Jon has been a profesional actor and has been known to make enough to eat some years. His fame has spread as far as his voice will carry. Jon is married to Jennifer Dawson, and many of his friends have been heard to ask, "Why does she put up with him?" Her answer is "He is funny."

Rosanne Bonomo Crago

Rosanne was NBOJU's biggest fan and groupie for several years. She took the workshops and started coming to rehearsals so she could laugh more often. Now, she's addicted. Her New York origins explain her ability to be witty and sarcastic. In her spare time, she performs weddings (for other people) - she is single and available. ;-)

Cris Candelario

Don't try this at home boys and girls, Cris is a trained professional.

Moriah Flagler

NBOJU welcomes Moriah back to the lineup! Bio coming coon.

Hilary Lyons

NBOJU welcomes Hilary back to the lineup! Bio coming soon.

Vicki McGee

Vicki caught the acting bug in high school and went on to receive a B.F.A. in Theatre from Florida Atlantic University. She has done stage, television, film, and radio voice-overs. She loves comedy improv and has performed with the L.A. Connection, the Comedy Store, and with various groups in Tucson. By day she is a mild-mannered middle school guidance counselor, in love with her husband Bill, and lives with 2 teenagers, a horse, a burro, 4 dogs and 1 cat. She is so happy to be with Not Burned Out because she's saving a ton on therapy.

Monica Rhodes

NBOJU welcomes Monica to the lineup! Bio coming soon.

Christopher Seidman

Hailing from Orange County, California (but don't hold that against him), Chris has been a Tucson resident since Memorial Day 2004. A former Disneyland Jungle Cruise captain, Chris brings minutes of improv experience and decades of movie and television watching experience to NBOJU. Time will tell if that pedigree will serve him well.

Scott Shaver

Had an opinion last week, but is unsure if he should mention it.

Rob Sparks

He is sometimes Astro, sometimes Physicist. He is the Kitt Peak of NBOJU. He is...Rob.

Jessica Spenny

In the beginning there was the void. This was generally followed by the chaos of creation: molten rock, the formation of seas, the birth of life as we know it. During a minor hiccup in this timeline Jessica Spenny came into existance. She got an Associates in American Sign Language. She got a BFA in performance from the University of Michigan. She moved to Arizona. She got a job in customer service. She bred. She joined Not Burned Out Just Unscrewed. She wrote this bio. You read it.

Former Members

Mark White
Past Director

On the very first day of auditions for NBOJU, Mark found improv, and improv found Mark. It was a match made in heaven. He dove in with both hands, and both feet, head first. He took over as co-director from Donnie, as well as being NBOJU's one-man sales and marketing department. He also had a pun level that was five times the legal limit.

Mark passed away on the morning of January 12, 2007 after a short battle with cancer. We miss him, but are sure he's keeping the hereafter in stitches.

Donnie Cianciotto
Past Director

Involved in performing since the age of 3, Donnie studied musical theater at The American Musical and Dramatic Academy in NYC and has experience in film, radio, TV, producing, directing, and writing. After nearly three years of involvement with NBOJU, Donnie officially turned over the reins in February of 2005 and now lives in Phoenix. His most recent Tucson effort was directing the successful Vagina Monologues at the renovated Fox Theater in February 2006.

Eddie Arriola
Jennifer Baker
Kelli Bednar
Mark Berry
Scotty Bouwens
Alicia Butler
Nicky Cianciotto
Jillian Courtney
Gedi Feliciano
Priscilla Fernandez
Bill Fuller
Anastasia Gorbunova
Chuck Graff
Carla Green
Matrika Hay
Carolyn Hokin
Aidan Hutchins
Eric James
Kenton Jones
Christine Kierce
Yarrow King
Sara Lohman
Sara Lowden
Kristen Macellaro

Dan Mandell
Angela Nicole
Sara Nixon-Kirschner
Erin Parks
Django Paris
Mandy Paulson
James Payne
Seth Pepper
Molly Proue
Ruth Rickman
Ian Roussopolis
Ute Rowland
Ryan Saxer
Stacy Seaman
Traci Smith
Elizabeth Sullens
Paul Theriault
Sara Thompson
Matt De Vaney
Martie van der Voort
Jake Weimer
Jennifer Williams
Anna Yasin
Andrea Young